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11 November, 2023

How to make a kitchen in Minecraft

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The issue of food in Minecraft is quite acute. At first, you will have practically no resources for its extraction, so you need to get coal as soon as possible and create a fire for yourself. And after that, when you get your permanent shelter, you can think about equipping your full-fledged kitchen.In the article we will look at how to make a kitchen in Minecraft, what tools will be needed for this and what should be on it for cooking. 

Collecting resources

Usually, in order to equip a beautiful and functional kitchen in the game, players put mods. But you can do with improvised means. The most important thing is to assemble the foundation. 

You may need the following things:
  1. Oven;
  2. Grate;
  3. Steps;
  4. Boiler;
  5. Lever; 
  6. Hook;
  7. Smokehouse;
  8. Bonfire;
  9. Lantern;
  10. Wooden sign;
  11. Door;
  12. Frame;
  13. Distributor.

In addition to these things, you will need a lot of blocks for construction. It can be any boards, wood, processed logs, different types of stone, quartz, sand, iron, concrete, wool, and even gold or diamond blocks. The kitchen in Minecraft without mods can look as you want. 

Making a kitchen

Bedside tables and lockers

The simplest thing you can do is simply place blocks of the right colors along the walls or in the form of an island in the kitchen. If you want to decorate the bedside tables, put wooden signs or frames on the side of them. You can additionally attach buttons to the frames, and then you will get a box with a handle. Or you can decorate the blocks with flags.For functional bedside tables, you can use chests. Just put them sideways and attach the frame. When opened, it won't look very nice, really. You can also use barrels. You can also cover the door with a frame and attach items that you plan to store there, for example, meat or bread.


Put the oven or smokehouse in the right place and simply install the grill on top. So you will get a kind of stove with burners. If you absolutely need smoke to go, remove one block under the "stove" and put a bonfire there. You will get the right smoke and keep the functionality of the items.


There are several options here. The most obvious one is a boiler with water. It can be overlaid with grilles on all sides if the sink is separate, or simply installed between the blocks. So you can make a sink even in the island, if you surround the boilers with the material you need.As a crane, you can use either a hook, if you place everything against the wall, or a lever, it is suitable even for an island. A decorative sink can be made with a step turned to the wall. And if the sink is planned in the island, then you can simply remove the extra blocks and put the half-blocks. Water can be poured here in the same way as in the boiler.


The kitchen in Minecraft can not do without a refrigerator. If you need a decorative one, just put two blocks of iron on top of each other and close them with an iron door. You can make a two-chamber refrigerator if you put four blocks.And to make a functional refrigerator, you need a distributor. Put it in place of the lower block and load the products. After that, close the resulting structure with the door, and install the button on the upper iron block. Now, when you click on it, the distributor will give you the loaded food. 



The simplest table you can make consists of an ordinary block placed on the floor. If the dining area is against the wall, attach a semi—block to it. In this way, you can make a bar counter. A table with legs can be made from a fence and a piece of carpet. We put a fence to make a leg, and put a carpet on top. You can also put a piece of scaffolding and cover it with a carpet. However, you can't put anything on such a table. And you can also use anvils as table legs.


Here, too, everything is simple. This is either a step with two wooden plaques on the sides, or a semi-block with a raised grille. Here, see for yourself what will fit better into your interior. 


The easiest way is to make a sofa out of steps, and close the edges with wooden plaques. But you can steam up harder, and make the seat out of half-blocks, and the back out of blocks of wood or wool. It will be possible to put flowers and decorations on the back of such a sofa, or put a colored carpet for decoration.

Tableware and jewelry

To make plates on the tables, use the frames. You can even put some food on them to make it realistic. And for decoration, you can arrange flowers or sea cucumbers, arrange leaves and hang lanterns. Everything is to your taste.

Now you know how to make a kitchen in Minecraft without extra effort and mods.

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