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07 November, 2023

How to find the infernal fortress in Minecraft

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Hell, the Lower World and the Nezer — this dimension has many names. Seasoned minecraft players know that this is the abode of powerful mobs, which are not so easy to defeat without proper preparation. Today we will tell you about the real test of this world — the Infernal fortress, namely, how to find it and conquer it, staying alive and getting valuable resources.

What is a Hellish Fortress

The Infernal Fortress is a naturally generated structure made of infernal bricks, towering over a lava lake. In fact, it is a huge complex of objects that includes columns, corridors, bridges and other variations of buildings. In the Infernal Fortress, you can stumble upon spawners of ifrits and skeletal desiccators, find chests full of useful items and infernal growths. By the way, as in other structures of Nezer, ancient fragments can be hidden in this structure — extremely rare ore, which is necessary for the creation of nezerite tools and armor, superior in strength to diamond ones.

How to survive in a Hellish fortress

First you need to understand whether the game is worth the candle. In the inner section of the fortress, where the corridor turns to the right, those chests are generated. The chances listed below are not for a whole chest, but for one stack.

Contents of chests:

ResourceNumber of ChansChance
Iron Ingot1-519%
Gold Ingot1-349%
Gold Breastplate119%
Gold Sword119%
Gold Horse Armor129.1%
Iron Horse Armor119%
Diamond Horse Armor111.8%
Infernal Growth3-719%

If you decide that it's worth it, you need to be fully prepared. In order not to immediately become a victim of the local demonyugs, if possible, get these items before going:

Diamond sword and shield to it; Diamond pickaxe (if you are going to mine non-cerite ore); Bow (preferably with enchantment for "Infinity") and arrows to it; Iron armor (at least simple, but better with enchantment for "Durability") and part of the golden armor to avoid the attack of piglins; Potion night vision and fire resistance potion; A workbench; Any food (hell mushrooms are not used for this); A stack of blocks for climbing rocks and building bridges (for example, earth or cobblestones); A full stack of torches.

This is a minimum of items that can be useful to you for survival. Just in case, take colored blocks with you as landmarks so as not to get lost and lose sight of the portal or other important objects.

How to get to Hell

Of course, we're still talking about Minecraft. Before you go to conquer an impregnable fortress, fight with all sorts of skeletons and rob their chests, you need to somehow get into the Lower World. More precisely, not "somehow", but concrete. In fact, there are only two ways, but both involve the creation of a portal:

Find a natural generation next to the spawn, where either a dilapidated or a ready-made portal is located. Here we will have to hope for luck.
Build it yourself from obsidian (at least 10 blocks will be required) and set it on fire with a flint to activate it.

Note: be prepared for the unexpected, in rare cases the portal can immediately lead you to the fortress or near it. We wrote more about worlds and portals in another guide.

How to find the Infernal Fortress

Now that you know exactly how to get into the depths of Hell and how not to recline in the first minutes of your stay in them, let's move on to the main question of the article. There are several ways to find a fortress, let's arrange them from simple to complex:

Using cheat codes

If you are not a member of the alliance of adventurers, you can not think too much and use commands through the in-game console. To search for a fortress and teleport to it:

Open the console (by default, the "T" or "/" keys).Enter the command /locate structure fortress (versions 1.19+) or /locate fortress (versions 1.11 to 1.18) in the line. The approximate coordinates of the nearest structure will be displayed in the chat.Next, enter the /tp command, do not forget to specify the nickname and the received coordinates.

Using seeds

The second method suggests using keys to generate a world where the portal is located near the fortress or inside it. This is quite difficult, because you will have to scour the entire Internet to find the right LED for your (especially the newest) version of Minecraft.

Using two legs

How to quickly find the Infernal fortress in Minecraft without resorting to the use of "codes for deception"? It is "fast" — we do not know, but we are ready to give one piece of advice so that the hike does not take too long. This activity is by no means fun, be prepared to be patient and wander around the infernal surroundings. Usually fortresses are generated linearly along the "Z" axis. To find the first fortress, you should follow one coordinate without turning anywhere. To control the direction, use the debug screen (the "F3" key), the "XYZ" coordinates are located on the left side of the screen."How to find a Hell fortress in Minecraft" is not a new question, but it is still relevant for beginners. In this guide, we have tried to tell in detail what needs to be done for this. We wish you success in your quest, victories in battles and the acquisition of untold riches!

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