16 September, 2022


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Today I want to share with you the ways of hacking or, so to speak, cheating a new and very popular adult game Cunt Empire. The method consists in substituting the values of the game through a special program, in addition, a special table has already been created for it, with the help of which everything is done very simply and quickly.

Official site:

What will you get after hacking: 
  • - Faster resource acquisition (Speed Hack?) 
  • - Free (or unlimited) gems 
  • - Free (or unlimited) coins 
  • - Card Points / Levels

Cunt Empire hack game

In order for everything to work out, read the instructions carefully and follow the points!

I want to clarify right away and this is very important! To successfully hack the game, you need to open the game through the Firefox browser (it will not work through any other), and in order to avoid a ban, I strongly recommend creating a new account (registration, email confirmation and restart the game).

  1. Download Firefox browser (Required) 
  2. Create a new account in the game (with a new mail - required) 
  3. Download hacking software 
  4. Download special table 
  5. Then follow the instructions

You need to open the game, open the program and load the table into it, and then see below. Almost the entire script is enabled with (calculator) right keyboard buttons.

Made for firefox browser... & doesn't work for edge because js is jit and each browser used their own engine...

Takes some time to scan for process & aob...

Not the best solution which I think the best solution is packet editing/spoofing...

Update 1
Added Card script...

Update 2
Added Card Cost script...
&Revamp Card& Room script

Update 3
Added Quest always collect & Dummy transaction script

Note:This table will just scan for data structures of the game so it's either hit or miss, if it doesn't work now, it might work later.
This table will most likely break when dev change the data structure of the game....
Credits goes to GreenHouse & iBelg for providing info about the game's data...

  • Room script
-Numpad+ Enable script
-Numpad- Disable script
-Numpad1 Set all room to automate
-Numpad2 Set all baseTimeIncomeInterval to max
-Numpad3 Set all reduceTimeIncomeByClick to min
-Numpad4 Set all baseIncome to the highest room
  • Reset customerCount after certain amount script
  • Reset customerCount numpad0
You need to edit the script according to your need which you need a bit of programming knowledge...
I used this script mostly for farming coins using macro...
  • Card
-Numpad5 Set all Card level to 1
-Numpad6 Set all Card level to 50
This script will filtered out card level that is below than 2 which you need to either promote your card first before using this script...
Set all card to level 1 & upgrade your card to decrease coin cost...
Or set all to 50 & you can fulfill the requirement to hire girl
  • Card Cost
-Numpad7 multiply all card cost by -1
Free card upgrade $$
  • CardGirlMaxedValueInt
  • CardMaxedValueFloat
Used before activating toys & before hiring girls else it will not be effected & change will gone after refresh...
Money can go to infinity & crash...
  • Quest always collect & Dummy transaction
Activate before clicking Let's Go!

Cunt Empire Calculator - view

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