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A Dota 2 player can choose from over 100 heroes. The list includes characters with diverse characteristics, appearances, and features that define the gameplay.
Depending on their key qualities and characteristics, they may be better suited to perform a specific role on the battlefield. Let's look at the key positions and Dota heroes that often represent them.


The mid lane is often taken alone at the beginning of the game. The position is rich in experience, allowing for quick leveling. Therefore, heroes capable of gaining maximum advantage through skills that scale with high levels are preferred. Using these skills, the midlaner eliminates opponents.

The following characters are often chosen for the mid lane:

  • Tinker. Possesses powerful offensive skills (Laser - a targeted ability, Heat-Seeking Missile - 2 homing rockets). Can quickly clear the area of enemies (March of the Machines). With the ultimate ability (Rearm), can reset cooldowns every 2 seconds.
  • Shadow Fiend. Effectively fights using Shadowraze, distinguished by the powerful ultimate Requiem of Souls (an area-of-effect ability).
  • Invoker. The hero in Dota with the most extensive skill set, capable of turning the tide of the game in the right hands.


A carry is a hero who is weak in the early stages. The potential of the character is revealed in the middle/end of the match with good farm throughout the game. Their strength depends directly on the items acquired. If the necessary items are in the carry's hands, they become one of the strongest figures on the battlefield.

The following are usually chosen for the safe lane:

  • Anti-Mage. Instantly teleports across the battlefield with Blink, effective against mages with Mana Break, Counterspell, and Mana Void.
  • Slark. Steals strength from enemies with Essence Shift (a passive ability), evades control, and becomes unreachable for enemies in Shadow Dance.
  • Juggernaut. Immune to magic during Blade Fury, and using Omnislash becomes invulnerable, dealing massive damage.
  • Wraith King. Capable of stunning enemies with Wraithfire Blast, dealing critical strike damage with Mortal Strike. Can restore health proportional to damage dealt thanks to Vampiric Aura and instantly resurrect after death using Reincarnation.


A support is strong in the early game due to an effective set of abilities that deal damage, stun enemies, and slow them down. They only need basic items to be useful, so they can forgo farm in favor of other members of their team. Supports require a high mana pool.

The following are chosen for support:

  • Witch Doctor. Capable of restoring health to allies by activating Voodoo Restoration, as well as stunning enemies and summoning a deadly totem, Death Ward.
  • Lion. Stuns enemies with Earth Spike for almost 2 seconds, turns them into frogs using Hex, and destroys enemies with his ultimate, Finger of Death.
  • Crystal Maiden. Freezes enemies with Frostbite, provides allies with mana from Arcane Aura, and can summon a hailstorm using Freezing Field.


This position is occupied by a character who can survive in the most difficult conditions. They must withstand (ideally - create trouble for) the enemy carry and support alone. Their main qualities are high resistance to damage (health pool) and the ability to escape from fights forced upon them.

The following are chosen for the hard lane:

  • Centaur Warrunner. Enemies attacking him receive damage from Retaliate. Capable of stunning heroes around him using Hoof Stomp and accelerating himself and allies with Stampede.
  • Bristleback. One of the strongest "tanks" thanks to the Bristleback ability, which saves this hero from damage from behind and retaliates against attacks with quills.
  • Tidehunter. Possesses thick skin (Kraken Shell), which blocks some damage, and the ultimate Ravage can be used to stun enemy heroes at a distance from the character.


The gameplay of a Dota 2 roamer is the most dynamic in the early/mid game. This hero is not tied to any of the lanes and freely moves between them. The goal is to find a vulnerable enemy hero and kill them with the help of allies. Such characters usually have suitable skills for this and are not dependent on gold. The hero's progression mainly occurs through successful kills and participation in them.

Popular roamers include:

  • Spirit Breaker. Using Charge of Darkness, focuses on a selected enemy and runs towards them at high speed, ignoring obstacles. Can stun the target with Nether Strike and deal significant damage.
  • Bounty Hunter. Moves freely around the map and sets ambushes thanks to invisibility from Shadow Walk. Marks the enemy with the ability Track, making them visible to all allies and increasing the reward for their kill.
  • Pudge. Pulls the target towards him with Meat Hook, then devours the victim using Dismember.

These are not all Dota characters. But it is with mastering them that we recommend newcomers to start.

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