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29 March, 2024

All Endings Alone in the Dark (2024)

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How to get all the secret endings and cut scenes in the game

In a reinterpretation of the original 1992 game Alone in the Dark, gamers can enter several different endings, each of which (with the exception of the standard ones) is associated with the search for certain sets with presents. Below you will learn about all the endings of the game, the gifts associated with them and the achievements that are relied upon to receive them.

Standard endings

As you may have noticed, you can play Alone in the Dark (2024) as two different characters — Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. You can do this in any order, and the presents collected during the game are transferred to all other saves and "New Games". And it won't work to collect all the presents at once with one character. Emily and Edward will have different cutscenes, NPCs react differently to them, there are two unique locations, but at the same time the ending of the game itself, despite minor differences in cutscenes, will be the same. I don't want to spoiler, but at the same time you definitely need to complete the game with two different characters, because for each of the almost identical finals you will receive one achievement — "The case is closed" and "Alive and well".

Secret Cut Scene (Meta Ending)

It may be wrong to include a secret cut scene in this list that does not end the game, but still, for receiving it, you unlock the achievement "Meta ending". That is, at least some kind of "ending" in this regard is present here. At the same time, it does not matter which character you will play the game with. So, to unlock the secret cut scene, first you have to find all the presents from the "Curse of the Hartwoods" collection:

The burnt book "Alone in the Dark". This item can be picked up at any time from the beginning of the second chapter, but before you learn the code from the safe in the administrator's office. You will open the office itself immediately at the beginning of the chapter (at least you will be able to do this). Enter there, go behind the bookshelves and enter the code on the safe: counterclockwise to "9", clockwise to "1", counterclockwise to "3".
A magical palette. You can only pick up this item during a certain episode of the second chapter. Assemble two plates and solve the puzzle with the astronomical clock on the second floor in the foyer by the stairs. After that, you will find yourself at a location with an oil rig. When you get the lever and lower the bridge, go to the other side and climb to the second floor. If you go to the exit at the end of the attic, the cut scene will start. Save yourself beforehand and go to the exit, but find a hole between the barrels on the right that leads to the chest. When you open it, you will find a magical palette.
The poster "Behold the Black Pharaoh". This collectible can only be obtained during the episode at the shipping company Pregtz. As soon as you figure out inside the building where the safe and Tommy Gun are located, go outside and see that the fog has cleared. The way forward leads to the right building, but first turn into the courtyard to the right of the front door and remove the poster "Behold the Black Pharaoh" from the wall.
Once you do this, you can read the hidden text: "The Curse of the Hartwoods — that's what they call it. They barely do it now. The Hartwoods carry a severe chemical imbalance in the brain, passing it on from generation to generation. With age, they are overcome by an irresistible melancholy, which inevitably leads to suicide. Oh, do you want the truth? Well, who knows. That's what it was written."

In addition, on your first visit to the attic, you will be able to view a secret cut scene. To do this, interact with a loop of rope tied to a beam on the right side at the entrance to the attic. You will see a cut scene with Jeremy, but after that the game will continue. The Meta Ending feature is also unlocked.

Funny ending

To get this ending, you must play any character and collect all the presents from the collection "The Whole World is a theater":

A curious napkin. This collectible can only be obtained in the memoirs of Edward Carnby, towards the end of the fourth chapter. When you pass through the square with a broken car, kill the enemies and enter the hotel, pick up the object lying on the table on your right hand.
A box of cookies. This collectible can only be obtained in Emily Hartwood's memoirs, towards the end of the fourth chapter. Once in the morgue, go to the back room, where you need to solve a puzzle with a floor diagram. There is a box of cookies on the table. You can pick it up only after you turn on the electricity.
A toy mascot. As soon as you get to Dr. Gray's office near the end of the fourth chapter, install the fake book on the closet, but do not rush to go to the next room. To the left of the table with the phone, the talisman you need is lying on the floor.
As a result, you will receive the following secret message: "Life is just a play that has no audience, that no one applauds, that no one wants. An already written story that is meant to be played in only one way. I wrote my book to explain that there can be more to life. That free will is genuine only if it goes against what is expected. Looking back, I think I was too ambitious. Jeremy's suggestion turned out to be much more modest: "What if we all just go home?"

At the end of the game, an additional goal of "Grace without horns" will appear: give Grace a toy. Just wait for the fifth chapter, go to the Whispering Tree and interact with Grace (you need to get close so that there is a hint about interaction, not dialogue). You will see an alternative final cut scene with Grace, Emily and Edward, who portray a happy family.

Radical acceptance

To get this ending, you must play as Emily and collect all the presents from the "Worthy Death" collection. Thanks to this, you will unlock the achievement of "Radical Acceptance".

Notes. This collectible can be overlooked because it needs to be picked up during a certain episode. When you get to the cemetery according to the plot of the game, continue to collect the medallions. As soon as the chase scene ends and you remove the third medallion from the statue, turn right, but do not rush to climb the ledges leading to the exit. There should be a hole with blood on the left hand. Use it to find a cache of supplies and notes.
Photos from the war. This collectible can only be obtained in Emily Hartwood's memoirs, towards the end of the fourth chapter. You need to get the key to the lobby on the first floor, which will be dropped by a drunken Mccarphy. Then open the second door on the ground floor (the far door leads to an empty room) to find yourself in Ruth's bedroom. There is a tripod with a camera in the middle, and on the bedside table on the left is a photo from the war.
A tag on your finger. This collectible can only be obtained in Emily Hartwood's memoirs, towards the end of the fourth chapter. When you find yourself in the morgue after the trenches, turn on the light and solve the puzzle with the floor diagram to see the cut scene with the Dark Man. Return to the corpse of John Marcus to remove the tag from his finger.
After that, you will unlock a secret message: "This sign resembles a blessing, except that the index finger and little finger are bent under the thumb, while the middle and ring fingers are raised up. It is believed that this dark blessing protects from evil. Like the sign of the horns, which is quite similar, but it has the opposite scheme. The truth is that the dark blessing is a sign of submission. Complete surrender to our lesser selves. A sign that protects you from evil only in the sense that you become a part of it."

As soon as the fourth chapter begins, you will have an additional goal: you need to wash the paint off Jeremy's painting. Get to Dr. Gray's bedroom and enter the side room, where the key to the closet is also located. Interact with the table.

After that, go through the game the same way as usual until you return from Greenland, defeating the boss twice. As soon as this happens, the cut scene will start, and Emily will meet the Black Pharaoh. During this cut scene, the camera will stop for a few seconds on Emily holding a gun in her hands. You need to hold down the D key so that the girl raises her fingers up, correctly crossing them and creating a sign of worship for the Dark Man. So you will get a secret ending.

The Child of the Black Goat

To get this ending, you must play as Edward to collect all the presents from the "Hornless Goat" collection. Thanks to this, you will unlock the achievement "Child of the Black Goat".

A preserved reptile. You can only pick it up in the first chapter! Keep going through the first chapter until you find yourself in Jeremy's office, and then on the streets of New Orleans. Go downstairs and enter the lighted corner shop to meet Baptiste. On the table under the window, in front of which you will find yourself after the cut scene, there is a glass flask with the remains of a reptile.
A ringing shaker. In Dr. Grey's office, in the fourth chapter, you will find the McCarthy treasure map. Follow the second floor from the foyer and open the door on the right. After the cut scene with Mccarphy, you will be able to pick up the key to the hall on the first floor from the floor. Go downstairs and open the big door under the stairs. The first door on the left is mccarphy's room. You can study it. There is a grille in the far right corner, but you won't be able to open it yet. Instead, go ahead to the end of the corridor and enter the restaurant on the right, where you got after the episode in the ancient library. Go behind the bar and pick up a ringing shaker from the floor.
A blasphemous totem. This collectible can only be obtained in the memoirs of Edward Carnby, towards the end of the fourth chapter. When you reach the bridge on the Port River, move forward from the boathouse and turn left to an abandoned and almost collapsed hut. Inside it lies the object you need.
As soon as you do this, a secret message will be unlocked with the following content: "Edward has heard this whisper for years. When he lived in Brooklyn, it only happened occasionally. For example, when he climbed a tall tree in Central Park as a child, or when he almost drowned in the Hudson River trying to save his desperate mother. When he moved to New Orleans, whispers began to appear even more often, but still not often enough to pay attention to it. Now, within the walls of Derceto, he knows what is calling him. He doesn't want to admit it, but the Dark Girl in the greenhouse tells him to make a sacrifice. Give her Cabri-san corn."

Collecting presents unlocks the additional goal "Whisper of the Tree". It is open only to Edward, and only in the fourth chapter. You will be asked to leave an offering at the Whispering Tree. Go to the greenhouse and interact with the tree by going around it from behind. The point for interaction appears only if a set of "Hornless Goat" presents is collected and you play as Edward.

Next, go through the game the same way as usual until the fifth chapter starts. Talk to everyone (optional) and interact with the statue in the center of the winter garden. The cut scene will begin, which will be played the same way as usual. Wait for the moment when Emily shoots Baptiste in the leg, holding Edward. The main character will look at the girl standing on top. It's time to act! Hold down the A key to turn your gaze away and look at the hanged Grace. That's how the secret ending of the game will start.

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