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28 November, 2023

Guide to TideHunter in Dota2

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Tidehunter is probably one of the simplest heroes.  It is perfect for a beginner to master, and will teach him the basics of understanding fights, mechanics, and the game in general. This is a typical representative of the characters of the third position. He has fairly simple skills, a strong ultimate, and it's hard to make a mistake on him. I suggest going through its main pros and cons.

  • Strong lining;
  • A hero with mass control;
  • Quickly pushes the tower;
  • A very dense hero who goes forward, absorbs damage and initiates fights;
  • Does not require a lot of pharma.

  • Not a mobile hero;
  • You can quickly react to his control;
  • Loses relevance in Leyte;
  • The damage itself does not possess;
  • Completely depends on the teammates;
  • Bad manapool;

These are his main pros and cons, now I propose to move on to the study of his basic abilities.

Basic abilities


The hero spits at the enemy with a jet of water, slows down his movement and reduces armor. A strong enough spell on the line, which, coupled with support, can cause trouble to the enemy carrier. The ability has a small cooldown, but it will not be possible to spam it constantly, since it requires a lot of mana.


Thickens the hero's skin. Reduces damage from all enemy attacks. The higher the level, the more damage you will block. This spell makes the Tidehunter invulnerable on the line, especially if it is maxed. It is important to remember that it does not stack with Vanguard, which all offline users love to buy so much, so forget about it and do not waste money. You also have a damage threshold, exceeding which you will throw off all negative effects. Whether it's a camp, silence or impotence.


Tidehunter swings the anchor, dealing damage to all enemies in a certain radius, and reducing enemy damage. A spell that will help finish off the creeps on the line, and damage the enemy bark.


His main ability. Tidehunter stuns everyone within a radius of 1250 for 2.4 seconds. When buying Blink Dagger, you can initiate fights by unexpectedly jumping into crowds of opponents. And becoming them, for more than 2 seconds. An ability that can turn any fight around, and turn any game around.

Game actions and purchase of items

The most important item in the game is Blink Dagger. After buying it, you can actively play with your allies, according to the cooldown of your ultimate. At the stage of the line, you can buy Meteor Hammer, which will give an additional hp-regen, and will help to quickly demolish T1 tavern. Next, you need to look at the situation.

Aura items that will increase the DPS of your team, such as: Pipe of Insade and Greaves, will work well. With the purchase of Refresher Orb, you become very dangerous, as it resets the recharge of your items and abilities, and allows you to Give Ravage 2 times per fight. Few people can survive 5 seconds of control, so it is a must-buy.

What do you think?

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