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27 November, 2023

How to Kill a Chimera in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Mutants in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. are divided into three types — dangerous, very dangerous and chimera. The latter is hard to detect, but it is even harder to escape from it. This guide is about how to find this creepy mutant and survive a meeting with him.

Appearance of the Chimera

Chimera is a two—headed, hairless creature the size of a lion. It moves on four legs. Often one of the heads is underdeveloped. External ugliness gives a false sense of the bulkiness of the creature. But this delusion cost the lives of many stalkers — the chimera is extremely agile and deadly.

The anatomy of the monster is amazing — the internal organs are duplicated, and the absence of a central circulatory system allows it to survive with severe blood loss. The chimera is able to continue the fight even with very heavy damage. Like the cherry on a monstrous radioactive cake — the regenerative abilities of the chimera allow her to grow whole limbs.

Fighting habits

The main weapon of the chimera is the claws on the front paws. She attacks sharply at close range. Also, the mutant can shorten the distance with a swift jump. This attack also stuns the stalker. Wide paws allow the chimera to move almost silently. The stalker may not hear the monster, even when he is a step away from being hit. And only the motion sensor will tell you about the deadly danger lurking nearby. Sometimes, before an attack, you can hear a soft hiss, resembling a whistle.
Chimera is a nocturnal animal. Accustomed to hunting under the cover of darkness, the creature prefers to go behind its victim's back. Upon detection and during the battle, the chimera can retreat, but only to try to attack from behind again. During the day, the chimera sleeps in the lair, but collisions with this mutant are possible in the daytime. Another monster is extremely fast, even a pseudo-attack will not catch up with it.

Habitat halo

  • Quest: Zaton location, summer camp "Emerald";
  • Quest: surroundings of Jupiter, ventilation complex;
  • Surroundings of "Jupiter", quarry;
  • Sawmill (sometimes only after killing all the zombies);
  • Anomaly "Concrete bath";
  • Laundry;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Scientists' bunker, while Poplar and his squad won't find the chimera;
  • Anomaly "Bitumen".

Attitude to the inhabitants of the Zone

Chimeras are extremely aggressive and often attack representatives of other species. They always attack Snorks and Buhrers. Stalkers have a sign — if they saw a wild boar or flesh rushing in terror, it means a chimera is nearby. The monster is so strong that it is able to turn the car over, what can we say about various mutated trifles.Despite their bloodthirstiness, chimeras are neutral to dogs, pseudo-dogs and bloodsuckers. Jerboa and poltergeists are also not of interest to them. Controllers are not able to bend them to their will, so they avoid two-headed mutants. The only worthy opponent of the chimera is a pseudo—giant. But two individuals acting together are capable of killing this big guy.

Chimeras are extremely hostile to humans and will attack them until they are killed. This means that it is impossible to escape from the chimera. Even if the stalker hides in the camp, the chimera will continue to guard him nearby.

Tactics in the battle against the chimera

The chimera must not be allowed to get close, otherwise it will use its claws. Trying to get close, she will use her mighty jumps. The task of the stalker is to evade them and start firing at the enemy from behind. The main thing is not to lose sight of the chimera. You can also escape from it on a hill like a garage, a building, or at least a hill.

The most effective way to fight the chimera is to hide behind objects that protect the mutant from jumping. A pole, a tree, a power line rack, even a mesh fence. If the stalker remains in sight of the chimera, she will try to make a jump and crash into an obstacle.

An under-barrel grenade launcher is extremely effective against the chimera. She dies from a single grenade that hits exactly the target. The mutant is also vulnerable to the Gauss cannon and RPG-7. If the stalker is light, then a protracted battle awaits him, in which he will spend several automatic horns or his life.

Silent weapon attacks from a long distance confuse the chimera. But she will retreat in a random direction, which means the stalker will have to chase the mutant.

If there are not enough bullets and the monster cannot be defeated, then you will have to flee. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly change the direction of movement. Ideally, every second. Then the chimera will not be able to calculate the trajectory of the jump. If the monster manages to be wounded, it can start to limp and move much slower.

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