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19 November, 2023

Top of the most beautiful arcana in Dota 2

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Arcana is a unique character skin that completely changes not only the hero, but also often the icons of his skills, and sometimes some items. Arcana are not cheap, but this does not negate the fact that every self-respecting doter should have at least one in his inventory. Plus, a few months ago, the developers were very generous, and gave the players a gift, in the form of one free arcana to choose from.

Their number in the game has already exceeded the second dozen, and today I have created for you a completely subjective top of the most beautiful arcana in dota, in my opinion.

Arcana on Terrorblade

The demon broke out. An incredibly beautiful arcana, to which you can also buy gems. Each gem changes the coloring of the arcana. The top ones, as for me, are: Blue, green and red. Changes the hero icon, and all four abilities. Highlights your body and blades, and when you press the third ability, the hero looks just great. It goes well with legendary blades and back. The average cost at the moment is about $ 25, which is not expensive, and definitely worth the money

Arcana Drow Ranger

One of the most beautiful, but at the same time the most expensive. The hero seems to have gone off the anime. It was sold in the last battlepass, and to reach it, you had to spend about $ 100. The arcana is in two styles, I especially liked the red one, but it takes a lot of time to open it. Now, unfortunately, it is no longer for sale, but perhaps in the future there will still be an opportunity.

Arcana on Juggernaut

A skin for everyone's favorite samurai, which completely changes the hero icon. It has 2 styles: green and red. Changes skill icons and gait animation, can also be combined with other swords, then the animation of the ultimate will look especially beautiful. The price directly depends on the exchange rate and is now about $ 20.

Arcana on Phantom Assassin

Top 3 arcana in my top. It looks very beautiful, especially in combination with the helmet "Codicil of the Veiled Ones", which perfectly complements it. It has 3 styles, each of which pumps and improves your weapons. To open all styles, you need to win more than a hundred games. It's a long time, but it's worth it. Changes all the skills of the hero, as well as his icon. It costs about $25.

Arcana on Queen of Pain

Top 2 arcana in my top, which radically changes the appearance of the hero. A very hot image of the queen of pain, now you just can't buy it, since it was sold, similar to the arcana for the Drow Ranger in the battlepass and cost about $ 120. It has a fiery and icy style, which can be chosen by everyone.

Arcana on Shadow Fiend

Well, where is it without the most important thing. The favorite hero of all miders and 15–year-old grandfather of insiders. One of the oldest and most beloved arkan. Changes the appearance of the hero and all his skills. Each ability after acquisition looks aesthetically pleasing, and it becomes a pleasure to play.

What do you think?

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