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18 November, 2023

Guide to Wraith King in Dota 2

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Papich, VK, Leoric, King, Wraith King. As soon as they didn't call this hero. The progenitor of memes about "NEW" and the author of the famous phrase "IT'S TIME TO HELP FLIMSY AND INSIGNIFICANT ALLIES." One of the oldest and easiest heroes to master for beginners who just want to learn the basics of the game. I suggest you analyze his abilities and determine his strengths or weaknesses.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Easy hero to master;
  • Has control, in the form of the first skill;
  • Good survivability due to the ultimate;
  • Strong leining;
  • A good increase in stats per level.

  • Not the strongest leit-game;
  • A small manapul, due to which it will not always be possible to use the ultimate;
  • Not a mobile hero;
  • There are strong counter-peaks.

Description of skills

Wraithfire Blast

A targeted camp that deals 90/170/250/330 damage depending on the leveling level and slows down the enemy. It will be useful on the line, since in conjunction with a strong support, you can find kils, both on the line and on the game in general.

Vampiric Aura

Accumulates a charge for every second kill of creeps and heroes. 2/4/6/8 per level, respectively. When you click on the skill, the hero spends the accumulated charges and releases skeletons that attack the nearest target. It also has a passive aura of restoring health from damage inflicted. Very strong skill on the line. Skeletons cause a lot of damage, and in combination with support and the first ability guarantees the killing of any character.

Mortal Strike

A passive skill that deals guaranteed critical damage every 4 seconds. Allows 100% to finish off each creep on the line, and multiplies your DPS with the purchase of aitems for damage. And with the right talent at level 25, it reduces its cooldown to 2 seconds, allowing you to apply crit constantly.


The main feature of VK. After your death, after 3 seconds you are reborn and continue to play. Has a long cd, but gives your hero 2 lives. The most important thing is not to play against heroes who can burn mana. Since the King has a small manapool, and rebirth costs 180 mana, it may simply not be enough and the ulta is not activated.


It is most often played in the carry position, as the hero needs time to gain his slots and peak strength. Less often it is taken offline, where it performs a similar role.


There are 2 types of assembly. Via Radiance and via Armlet with Desolator. The build via Radiance is designed for a more measured game when you have time to feed. Assembling through an Armlet with a de-isolator helps you to get into fights earlier and better restrain the onslaught of your opponent.

This hero is well suited for beginners to learn how to farm and monitor the map, because his skills forgive your mistakes. It does not require any special playing skills, and is great for familiarization.

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