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17 November, 2023

Guide to pudge in dota 2

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Pudge has long been, if not the very first, then definitely the second person of dota. The hero about whom legends are made up, many memes are made with him, and his phrases, such as: "Chin Chop" and shaverma, have conquered the hearts of many millions of players. Today I will make a guide for you how to play this hero, and list its pros and cons.


  • Strong leining;
  • Great survivability;
  • Targeted control;
  • A huge amount of magic damage.


  • Not mobile;
  • A lot of hp, but no armor;
  • Contra BKB;
  • Does not break buildings.


An absolutely unique hero in this regard, since he can take on absolutely any role. From kerry to support. It has a good core potential, counting a huge amount of magic damage. Therefore, he can take on leading positions, but more often still plays the role of partial or full support.


Meat hook

The main ability without which puj would not be a puj. A directional ability that, in case of hitting an opponent, attracts him to himself. This is one of the main opportunities to make keels on the line. Since puja has a lot of HP and damage at the first level, hitting this skill usually means guaranteed killing of an enemy hero. If a hook hits any creep, instead of pulling it instantly kills it.


A switchable ability that deals a large amount of damage and slows down the enemy. There is a possibility of improvement with Aghanim Scepter, after the purchase of which, the damage increases significantly. You can press right during the ultimatum without interrupting it.

Flesh heap

A passive ability that receives a charge when an enemy hero next to you dies. It scales well in leith, due to the fact that each passive charge gives + to strength. So by the end of the game, you can accumulate a huge amount of health and become almost impenetrable. If you apply the skill, the hero will block part of the incoming damage.


An interruptible ability that can keep the hero in the camp for a very long time. In addition, during the action of the ultimate, the hero is very frail. It works longer on creeps.

Assembling items

The builds when playing on the support and on the core roles differ from each other. Usually the support buys a Force Staff / bling dagger, glimmers cape, Aghanims shard, and then looks at the situation. Somewhere a good choice would be to buy a Ghost scepter to protect yourself from physical damage.

In roles from 1 to 3, the build is almost always the same: Phase boots, vanguard, aganim, bkb, and then depending on the enemy peak. There is an opportunity to buy a blink for initiation. Shiva, for armor or refresher, for control for more than 8 seconds.

Puj is a very situational hero. A simple hero for a beginner who, even with a small number of slots, can give out a lot of impact and save allies. But if the puja is played by an experienced player who does not miss hooks and knows how to win, then it is very difficult to stop him.

What do you think?

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