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15 November, 2023

Guide to the Phantom Assasine hero in Dota 2

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Greetings to everyone, today I have prepared for you a guide to one of the simplest and at the same time the strongest dota heroes:

Phantom Assasine

It is easy to learn and is suitable for a beginner if you want to learn how to play carry in Dota2. So let's go through the pros.

  • Phantom = kill anyone;
  • One of the biggest damage in the game;
  • High stat gain per level;
  • Good leit potential.

  • Weak leaning;
  • Without buying a bfa, you cannot effectively move into the forest;
  • The hero is quite frail. It is easy to kill him both on the line and in the game;
  • Depends on the items. It has been gaining peak strength for a long time.
  • Let's go through the abilities
  • The first skill is Stiffling Dagger

Phantom Assasine throws a dagger that deals damage to the enemy and slows him down. Stacks with Desolator, Orb of Corrosion and many other items. He will be attacked by the critics, which we will talk about a little later. A good ability that can kill heroes even on the line, in conjunction with a strong support. They can also be used to finish off creeps.

The second skill is Phantom Strike

The hero teleports to the selected creature, and if it is an opponent, gets an additional attack speed and vampirism up to 25%. A good link with the first skill. You throw a dirk and jump on the enemy, and with a strong saport and Orb of Corrosion, this is almost always a guaranteed kill on the line. This ability also helps to avoid attacks, get into a fight or quickly get out of it.

The third skill is Blur

One of the main features of this hero. When fully leveling up to level 4 and taking the right talent for LVL 15, the hero receives 75% of evasions, which makes her practically unkillable by physical damage, before buying counter-expensive items. By pressing blur, you enter invisibility and exit it only when enemy heroes are nearby, or the skill action ends. With blur, you can farm creeps and imperceptibly push off lines.

The fourth skill is Coup de Grace

The main feature of this hero. That's why she is so loved and hated at the same time.
You have a chance of up to 30% for crit damage. In conjunction with all other abilities, it gives a frenzied amount of damage, up to the possibility of killing the hero with a single blow. The more items you have, the more crit you will have.

Game plan

Pitching on the 1-2-1-3-1-4 line
With such a swing, you will be able to effectively dominate the line and feed Battle fury as quickly as possible. After bf is in your pocket, farm to Desolator and Black king bar, but here you need to look at the situation. In some games, you need to swap items in places, in some bkb is not required at all.

Then we implement our timings, win the fight, take Roshan and go finish the game.

Item options

Satanic is a good thing that heals for the damage done, together with bkb makes you unkillable. Abyssal Blade is a point control that allows you to kill a hero for a camp. Nulifaer is an item that dispels the positive effects.

Phantom Assasin is a very simple hero to master, and in order to learn how to play a beginner. I hope my guide helped you. Good luck to everyone!

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