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15 November, 2023

King of Avalon. Basics of the game

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The multiplayer strategy of King of Avalon has long received the status of a cult game. The adventures of the Knights of the Round Table and their assistants have been replicated and copied dozens of times, but no clone has managed to become more popular than the original. What is his secret? 
We offer to solve the mystery of King of Avalon in this guide! Here we will talk about the basics of the game and give some tips to novice knights. This guide will be as simple and general as possible — detailed descriptions of individual aspects of the project can be found in this section.

What is King of Avalon?

If for some reason you do not know what MMO strategies are, which include King of Avalon, then this part of the guide is written for you. The vast majority of games of this genre are based on user interaction. You will not play in proud solitude, but in the cheerful company of thousands of players from all over the world. 
The main purpose of MMORTS is to gain an advantage over other players. You must have the strongest army, the largest city and reserves of resources.

The strategic element of such games consists of three factors:
  • the correct distribution of troops when attacking opponents;
  • the organization of the protection of the city and the extraction of resources.

However, it is also impossible to write off the interaction of alliances — you will not be able to become the coolest alone.

What does the city consist of?

There is a main building in the city — the Citadel, which determines the ceiling of development for all other buildings. It is the most difficult to improve it, since it requires the most resources and pumping all the buildings in the castle to the highest possible level.
The level of the Citadel determines the level of the city. It is visible to the surrounding players. The higher this level, the more powerful rivals will attack your possessions. The logic is simple: weak enemies usually do not dare to attack a high-level city, and strong players do not need to attack less developed settlements.
In addition to the main building, all buildings in King of Avalon can be divided into:

  • training (barracks, shooting range, stables);
  • resource (sawmills, farms, silver and iron mines);
  • special (Embassy, Dragon's Lair, University, etc.).

Formation of the army

The army in the game consists of four types of troops:

  • infantry; 
  • cavalry; 
  • archers;
  • siege guns. 

The first three types are basic and are balanced according to the classic “triangular” system: infantry overpowers archers, cavalry crushes infantry, and archers destroy cavalry. Siege weapons are special and are aimed at destroying the fortifications of cities. 
All types of troops have 13 levels of development. Therefore, you can train a total of 52 types of units. Having an army of the most elite archers, infantrymen and cavalrymen is the ultimate dream of every player in King of Avalon. However, in some cases it is much more profitable, easier and more efficient to create mixed troops with detachments of various levels of development.
When you attack an enemy (or he attacks you), the results of the battle are calculated automatically. For some time, your troops reach the enemy city, attack it, and at the end of the siege you receive a notification describing your loot and losses. 
Remember that when selecting an army for a campaign, it is important to take into account the various characteristics of the troops. So, for example, the infantry goes in the first line and performs the role of “cannon fodder". Therefore, if you need stamina and a powerful attack in battle, then make a choice in favor of more foot troops and archers. Also take some cavalry to deliver a crushing and striking blow to the enemy ranks. Combine the number of soldiers and adjust to the enemies to win crushing victories!
Also, a dragon will help you in battles! He will strengthen your army and help you earn unique experience points, thanks to which you can improve his skills and multiply his attacking power. Developing, the dragon will change its appearance and inspire even greater terror to rivals!

Alliance system

Alliances are communities of players united by a common goal. They participate in game events together, receive common rewards and help each other in building a city, sieges and defending castles. Alliances can be open and closed — the decision is made by the leader of the alliance. It can be any player who has reached a certain level of development of the Citadel and the Embassy.
Strong alliances have their own territory, the borders of which are marked with special towers. Here, members of the union can erect special buildings that give material benefits, bonuses, and allow them to study new technologies. For example, the Alliance Fortress gives an increase to the production of resources in cities and is the central building of the alliance. If you destroy the Fortress, then all other buildings of the alliance will also be destroyed. 
Hospitals, warehouses, resource bases and a dragon altar can also be built on the territory of the alliance. Remember that the development of a common base is a good help to strengthen your city. However, before investing resources in a common cause, find yourself a good alliance!

Your first steps in the game

At the very start of the game, you will be offered to undergo training, accompanied by an interesting plot plot. In it, you will learn the location of the buttons and get acquainted with the basic mechanics of King of Avalon. Study the interface carefully, because with your progress, the number of game features will increase. Therefore, you have to keep a lot of information in your head so as not to miss a single nuance.
Then you should start your first studies at the University — a special building that allows you to receive a constant increase in the characteristics of the army, collection, construction, etc. In parallel, you need to rebuild several different buildings of the first level.
After you organize the city, it's time to start looking for an alliance. Don't worry if you don't like the alliance — you can always change it! As soon as you find an alliance, immediately start helping your allies and asking for help yourself — this way you can build much faster. It is logical to immediately improve the Embassy as much as possible in order to receive more support from the alliance.
After completing all the above actions, you can focus on increasing the size of the army. Train legions of infantry, riflemen and cavalry as much as possible and more often, regardless of their current level of development. As the level of the city increases, you will get a chance to raise the rank of your troops to a higher one.

If you want to pursue an aggressive policy and ruin other people's cities, then focus on siege weapons. Otherwise, do not bother about them: in the garrison and battles in the open, they will be of little use.
As soon as you gather a solid army for the entry level, go to the destruction of monsters for the sake of rewards. Try to spend all the action points allocated for such attacks, as they recover after a short period of time. Look for abandoned cities and besiege them with foot and horse troops. This will allow you to quickly get resources for initial development. You can also send your army to collect resources from the world map, but this method of extraction will take much longer.
All you need to do next is to develop! Upgrade buildings, research new technologies, use all kinds of boosters and bonuses to speed up production, collection and construction. 
Try to avoid risky hikes and adventures. It's better to wait until your army gets stronger and your possessions improve by 5-6 levels. Then gradually begin to explore the surroundings and challenge strong opponents.

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