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15 November, 2023


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Crsed: F.O.A.D. is a giant update of the multiplayer shooter known to users called Cuisine Royale. The developer is Gaijin Entertainment. The update was so large-scale that it was decided to rename the game. Transcript of Crsed: F.O.A.D. – Cuisine Royale Second Edition: Fulfillment of All Desires. The company decided to change the image of the game with a new name, in their opinion, the abbreviation better conveys the content in the game, namely brutal battles in the "Royal Battle" mode.


As befits the Battle Royal genre, the player finds himself in a random place in the location, literally without clothes, and without even a fork in his hands. Therefore, you need to run to look for weapons, provisions and equipment as soon as possible. There is a large amount of drop in the game, so do not worry so much that the hero will not get a good drop as in other games of the "Battle Royale" genre.
The gameplay here is dynamic and fun, the round goes pretty fast compared to other games of the genre, so the average session lasts here for 15 minutes. The amount of equipment and weapons is so much that the player still has a long choice between a frying pan, a rolling pin or a rifle. The equipment is funny, but no less practical, everything looks fun, but sometimes it's worth giving up observing funny objects and aiming at the enemy to win.
Crsed: F.O.A.D. contains several battle modes. Classic deathmatch is a complete lack of rules, where everyone is at war with each other. The number of players in one location can be from 15 to 36. The most accurate and dexterous survives in this mode, or the one who patiently waited for opponents at the point. A cooperative game, here the player can invite a friend to the team and also play with enemy pairs. A team game is a level where groups of 4 people fight on the battlefield, the possibility of resurrecting a recently fallen ally is added. In the latter type of modes, it is worth resorting to a joint study of tactics and acting according to the group.
More recently, a mode called "Las Vegas" was added, the mode is special in that it needs to collect a huge amount of money from loot, and there is no other loot here, and play for weapons in slot machines. Slot machines are scattered all over the map, and bags of money are placed instead of ordinary refrigerators. This mode is better to pass with lucky friends, and the chance for a good drop will be more and more fun.
Crsed: F.O.A.D. is a successful joke from developers, which has grown into a separate game and won the hearts of millions of users. The game attracts with its own dynamism and speed, slowed down by a pan of jokes and funny gizmos. Typical and possibly boring elements of a good shooter are mixed with magic and kitchen appliances, it is quite difficult to get bored in this game.


Initially, the project was created as a mode for the Enlisted game, a separate map in an MMO shooter, and was called Cuisine Royale. At that time, the addition of "Battle Royale" modes was ubiquitous, some companies did it to attract new users, while others did it for the sake of an April joke on the players. But although Cuisine Royale was a humorous mode, it won the hearts of millions of players. Therefore, the developers decided to separate the game into a separate project and release it on the Steam platform.
The game was already at that time different from other shooters of the BR genre. She was much more dynamic than her colleagues, there is no need to fly with a parachute, a long hike for loot, immediately after the start of the game the player enters the battle. If you don't want to spend dozens of minutes holed up in the basement or looking for loot, but like the genre of "Royal Battle", then this game is created for you.


Crsed: F.O.A.D. is significantly different from the previous version, the update was large-scale. The developers have introduced a hero rotation system, which allows players to get to know the aspects of the game better for all the characters and choose the most suitable one.
Previously, items that affect the characteristics of the hero were attached to clothes, now they are equipped separately. Players have the opportunity to choose any look to taste and the effects of equipment will remain with them.
Cuisine Royale was already full of various elements that are not typical of a classic shooter. There were class features in the game, depending on the chosen hero. The player could set traps, perform rituals, and perform various tricks. In addition to these elements, magical powers were added, as well as witch bags. The above can be obtained when completing tasks.
Added 2 new heroes that excite the game servers. Louis "Bokor" Celine is a voodoo sorcerer who arrived on the battlefield from Haiti. Once he saved his mother from an attack by criminals, thanks to the spirit of Loa, now Louis has to repay the debt for the spirit. On the battlefield, Bokor uses the souls of fallen players, turning them into zombies armed with machine guns.
A character with a funny name Sin "Huli" Ye-bi, this girl could not find a common language with people since childhood, since she lived in an orphanage. With animals, Sin fared better, she communicated well with dogs and insects. On the battlefield, he uses abilities to summon a swarm of fireflies that swarm the enemy and cause damage.
The developers gave fans a new map "Siberia Island". The location is so large that by game standards it is measured as 16 square kilometers. It took the players more than one week to explore the map. On the island, people discovered secret USSR tunnels, hangars, catacombs, mountains with winding paths, banks, geysers and so on.
The company also added Ray Traced Global Illumination technology. Thanks to this, the graphics in the game looks realistic and modern. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Crsed: F.O.A.D. can also work in 4K at 60 fps.


The setting of Crsed: F.O.A.D. is presented in the form of giant fields, plains, mountains and villages during the Second World War. The technique corresponds to the beginning and middle of the 20th century, the architecture is also used from the countries participating in the war at that time.
Loot boxes, that is, refrigerators, are randomly scattered around the territory. Therefore, you should not resort to constant memorization of places with a lot of loot, as in PUBG.

Features of the game

The game was released in early access in 2018, on the Steam platform as a separate developer project. Initially, Cuisine Royale was a comic mode in a game about World War II under the name Enlisted. Crsed: F.O.A.D. will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms.
Most of the player reviews are positive, although they hint at the similarity of the game mechanics with the famous PUBG shooter. But the developers claim that the gameplay of the game will be similar to PUBG, though with a bias towards unrealistic moments for the greatest interactivity of the player. The main task of the game, as originally, remains a cheerful atmosphere of dynamic battles with a variety of jokes from developers, it's just that the project has become completely independent.
From the local funny moments, you can highlight refrigerators as loot boxes, bags instead of backpacks, colanders and frying pans as armor for the character. The kitchen accessories worn on the hero are physically attached to the body and hang out when running, it looks funny and caricatured. No wonder the game was given the name "Kitchen Battle".
The game uses the Battle Royale battle mode, where players are dropped into the territory at different points. After finding the right loot, players take up convenient positions for defense and control of large locations. Some even get into a secluded place, where they will prepare a surprise from a series of shots for visitors. True, all players need to constantly change their location, as the circle in the territory is constantly narrowing, oppressing players to the center. If the player is behind the circle, damage is inflicted on him. Whoever was the last survivor or the surviving team won. There can be from 15 to 36 players on one map, depending on the selected mode.
Crsed: F.O.A.D. contains 6 types of weapons in the inventory: edged weapons or melee weapons, pistols, PP, machine guns, shotguns and rifles. Everything you need for a classic shooter. Ammunition, equipment modules, first aid kits, etc. can be mixed up before going to the enemy.
The equipment here is also diverse, for most parts of the body. There are 11 types of armor in the game, so there is always an opportunity to make yourself an iron man with a frying pan in your hands.

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