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15 November, 2023

King of Avalon

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King of Avalon is a Strategy game developed by Century Games Limited. 

History of the world

King Arthur tragically fell in battle, which doomed the kingdom to fragmentation and internecine wars. Now his body rests in Camelot, not far from the island of Avalon — the haven of the sword of Excalibur. People desperately need someone who can take control of the situation and stop the bloodshed, bringing together all the regions of a large empire.

From now on, the entire Dominion is in your hands. You are the new ruler of these lands, who is destined to take Arthur's place and put an end to the dark times! Clean up the appearance of the castle: repair the old buildings and build new ones that will allow you to make the kingdom better and stronger.

Explore new technologies and magic. Summon the legendary heroes of KoA to help: the Knights of the Round Table, the wizard Merlin, the dark sorceress Morgause and other iconic characters of a bygone era. Let them lead your army and take care of the development of certain aspects of the kingdom.

Find loyal friends and strong allies! Success in King of Avalon does not depend on the number of swords guarding the castle, but on the ability to implement different tactics! Build a strong economic system, recruit new troops and develop trade ties — all this will allow you to enlist support in various game situations.

It's time to take command, Lord! Become the strongest player in King of Avalon

King of Avalon: the beginning of the game

If for some reason you don't know what modern MMO strategies are, which also include King of Avalon, then this part of the guide is for you. The vast majority of games of this genre are based on the interaction of players — thus, you will not play in proud solitude, but in the cheerful company of thousands of players from all over the world. The main goal of the game, respectively, is superiority over other players — you must have the strongest army, the largest city and the most resources. The strategic element of the game consists primarily in the competent construction of your city and the correct distribution of troops when defending the city and attacking the enemy. However, the interaction of player alliances is also no less important — it will not be possible to become the coolest alone.

What the city looks like 

There is a main building in the city — the Citadel (you can see this building in the picture above) — which determines the development ceiling for all other buildings. The citadel is the most expensive and most difficult to improve, since it requires the most resources, and it is also necessary to develop other buildings of the city to the possible limit. The level of the Citadel determines the level of the city that is visible to the surrounding players — the higher this level, the more powerful rivals will attack your possessions (a weak enemy may not dare to attack a high-level city, and strong players do not need to attack low-level cities).
Buildings can also be divided into units related to resource development and training, as well as those performing special functions — for example, the Embassy improves alliance assistance (i.e. you can help your comrades more often and they will help you, respectively), and the Dragon's Lair allows you to distribute dragon skills.

What does the army look like

The army in the game consists of four types of troops — infantry (in the picture above), cavalry, archers and siege guns. The first three types are “basic” and consist of “triangular” relationships — infantry overpowers archers, cavalry crushes infantry, and archers smash cavalry. The fourth type of troops is “special", and is aimed at destroying the walls and traps of the city. Also, all types of troops have ten levels — i.e. you can train a total of 40 different types of units, the characteristics of which vary depending on their level (usually the higher the level, the unit is more expensive and better, but sometimes it is more useful to have low-level troops in large numbers than few expensive strong units).
When you attack an enemy (or he attacks you), the results of the battle are calculated automatically — your troops just take some time to get to, for example, an enemy city, attack it, and you get a window in which your losses and loot are described. It will not be possible to send an individual soldier into battle on their own — but nevertheless, when selecting an army, it is important to take into account the various characteristics of the troops. For example, infantry most often dies first, so it's always worth having a large amount of “cannon fodder” to protect other troops.
Also in the battle (and not only) you will be helped by a dragon! This mighty creature acts here as the equivalent of “heroes” or “commanders” from other games — the dragon makes the army attached to it much stronger and gains experience himself, allowing him to discover new abilities related to the power of the army. Developing, the dragon is able to change and inspire rivals with even greater horror. Among other things, he very gracefully hovers over your city until he is in battle!

What alliances look like

Alliances are large groups of players who are united by a common goal, participate in game events together, receive common rewards and can help each other both in building a city and in battle. Alliances can be open and closed — it depends only on how the leader of the alliance decides. The leader of the alliance can be any player who has reached a certain level of development of the Citadel and the Embassy. However, being a leader in an already “established” kingdom with several large alliances is not very profitable — it is much better to become a member of a large alliance as soon as possible and enjoy its privileges.
A strong Alliance may have special towers marked out — special alliance buildings can be built on this territory, improving the position of the members of this alliance. For example, the Alliance Fortress gives general increases to the production of resources in cities and is the central building of the alliance — if you destroy the Fortress, then all other buildings of the alliance will also be destroyed. Other buildings are hospitals, warehouses, resource bases and a dragon altar. Alliance buildings are a good help for the development of your city, so first of all you should find a good alliance for yourself!

Your first steps in the game

First of all, you will receive training that will show you which buttons you need to press in order to play correctly. Try to understand and remember the content of the training, as the game features will constantly expand and there will be more and more buttons — it's better to immediately understand how everything works.
Then you should start your first studies at the University — a special building that allows you to receive permanent improvements — and rebuild several different buildings of the first level (this will not take much time).
After you more or less organize your city, you should find yourself an alliance. Don't worry if you don't like the alliance — you can always change it. Having found the right alliance, ask its members about whether they are stably located on the world map (do they want to move their cities and buildings in the near future) and if the alliance is already established, then use a special teleport of the alliance to get into its territory. As soon as you find an alliance, immediately start helping its members and asking for help yourself — this way you can build much faster. It is logical to immediately improve the Embassy as much as possible in order to receive more help from the alliance!
After all this, you can focus on increasing your army. At first, you can hire an equal number of troops, but then it is better to hire an army in the ratio of 50/25/25, where the first share will be infantry (i.e. infantry will make up half of the entire army), and the other two will be archers and cavalry. Don't worry too much about siege guns until you're going to attack other people's cities — you won't need siege engines in defense.
As soon as you get a more or less large army for your entry level, you can go to destroy monsters (try to constantly spend stamina needed to attack monsters) for rewards or try to look for weak (often abandoned) cities. Abandoned cities will help you quickly gain resources at the beginning of the game and not risk big losses. You can also send your army to collect resources from the world map.
Then just try to act in such a way as to constantly evolve — improve all the buildings and try to improve the citadel in order to improve further. It is undesirable to send troops into risky battles and waste time on their recovery — it is better to improve the city by at least five or six levels and open new types of troops. Gradually, you will reach a level of development that will allow you to attack other people's castles without problems and achieve success in events!


If you have just started playing King of Avalon or want to start, then this guide will help you figure out what you have to do in the game and how its main components function. I hope that my guide will allow you to enjoy the game more and you will be able to become stronger and win!

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