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14 November, 2023

State of Survival

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State of Survival is an exciting strategy game with RPG elements that will take you to the realities of a post-apocalyptic world. It offers you not only a setting and a set of game mechanics, but also an interesting story based on the best examples of cinema.

The earth was struck by a dangerous virus that turned people into terrible mutants and zombies. Only a few managed to survive and unite into small settlements. All of them have one thing in common: the hope to find a cure and once and for all cure all those who have turned into the living dead. But don't think that zombies are the main threat in State of Survival. The culprit of the global tragedy is a large state—owned corporation GigaCorp - in its laboratories, a deadly virus was developed. During the story campaign, you will have to face the actions of members of this organization more than once, meet its victims and allies. In the end, it is important to get to the truth: who needed the virus leak and why. Thus, the game carries a deep meaning and shows that always, even on the ruins of a destroyed world, man remains the most dangerous being.

Game locations

There are only 2 large zones in State of Survival.

Wild Lands

They represent a vast territory of the state, where settlements of players of the same server are located. In addition to users, there are also present at the location:

The objects of resource collection are sawmills, farms, fuel depots and metal dumps. The level and reserves of resources in one object increase as you get closer to the center of the map.
Infected — zombie squads, for killing which you get valuable rewards and a small amount of resources. Depending on the level of the pack, a special mutant appears in it, which increases its combat power.
State of Survival.  
Fortified bunkers are special buildings under the control of GigaCorp units. They can be captured only with the help of a raid in which alliances take part. The stakes in the struggle for control are too high, but the rewards are worthy of participation.
Fortified buildings are another type of special buildings located closer to the center of the map than bunkers. The battle for them takes place in the same conditions, but the GigaCorp units protecting the buildings from capture are much stronger. The rewards for control are several times better.
The Capitol is the main building of the state, installed in the very center of the map. Once in a certain time interval, it becomes available for capture by alliances. Inside are the strongest units of GigaCorp, led by the Governor — Mutated Wallace. The commander of the union occupying the Capitol is proclaimed governor of the state and the entire server.


This is your location, within which the main part of the game takes place. Here you develop infrastructure, train warriors, improve heroes and learn technology. 

The most important buildings in the settlement include:

The headquarters is a structure that determines the overall level of your settlement and the possibility of pumping it.
The Hero Base is a place where you can launch a hero search and complete research missions.
A warehouse is a building that allows you to save some of the resources after an attack on your settlement.
Buildings for resource extraction — sawmills, farms, smelters and fuel tanks. Produce resources even when you are not in the game.
Buildings for recruiting troops — barracks, garage and landfill. Infantry troops, hunters and riders are trained here. You can read more about the army and the principles of its training in our special guide. 
The laboratory is the territory of research of new technologies. Technologies affect 3 aspects of settlement life: general development, combat and economy. Tips for pumping technology are in this article.
The hospital is a place of treatment for wounded soldiers.
A reconnaissance post is a structure in which intelligence data is stored. Accelerators and resources periodically appear here, as well as tasks in the Wild Lands.
A training camp is a field tent that increases the number of trained warriors and the speed of their training.


Like all classic RTS, State of Survival is built on the extraction and use of several types of resources. From the very beginning of the game you have to collect food and wood. They are considered basic resources and are needed throughout the pumping of the settlement. From level 10, access to iron opens, and from level 15 — to fuel. Also in the State of Survival there is a special resource — energy cells. Thanks to them, you will be able to make instant improvements to buildings, technologies and training fighters. They can also be used to buy valuable loot in the store.
The number of power cells is very limited, so we recommend using them to purchase the second stage of construction.

Tasks and missions

As we have already written in the guide for beginners, State of Survival skillfully combines elements of a role-playing game and a classic strategy. If you are tired of pumping the camp, or the time to complete the upgrade of the building is too long, then you can go on research missions. They represent a chain of related plot tasks. You choose three heroes and go with them to clear the location from the waves of the dead, simultaneously collecting valuable loot. Every third mission is a boss battle. First you repel the usual wave of zombie invasion, and then you fight with a huge mutant. After completing the mission, you get rewarded with textbooks on tactics, for which you can pump heroes, resources and experience of the boss.

In addition to exploration missions, exploration tasks are available to you. They are divided into 2 types:

Data — story quests in Wild Lands. A detachment of infected people appears on the map, which must be destroyed. The battle is no different from the usual attack on zombies, but it allows you to open a small part of the plot.
Special ones are also performed in Wild Lands, but serve to find fragments of new heroes by players.


As part of the general guide, we tried to review the most important elements of the State of Survival game. Didn't find the information you are interested in? Read our tips on survival and building a strong army.

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