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13 November, 2023

Genshin Impact

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Embark on a breathtaking journey through the fantastical world of Teyvat in "Genshin Impact," an action-packed RPG developed by miHoYo. Released in September 2020, this game has rapidly gained immense popularity for its stunning visuals, expansive open-world, and engaging gameplay mechanics. Before us is a game service in which you can leave not just a few dozen hours, but also several years. This is something more than an ordinary grinder. But about everything in order.

A full-fledged AAA game for free. But what's the catch?

Let's deal with this issue right away, so that no one asks anything further later. What can I get for free here? Yes, in general, anything: from game characters to small elements of the drop-down loot.
Right at the start, you get access to incredibly beautiful graphics for mobile devices and a carefully crafted plot, of which there are few in our time.
The game is waiting for a number of plot additions. However, to access them, you will have to upgrade your account rank, your heroes and their gear. Here everything already depends purely on your luck. Because it is possible to make life easier and get into the cool game characters, and you can hope for luck that will present them to you. In principle, it is possible to knock them out, but this process takes a different amount of time for everyone.
The plot itself and its components can be completed completely free of charge, without spending a penny on them. And in the course of the passage, you will 100% achieve those successes that will allow you to continue playing when the add-ons come out.
If you are too lazy to swing, you can always buy a combat pass after level 20, which will noticeably accelerate your development.

Why the whole world fell in love with Genshin Impact

For simplicity, beautiful graphics, plot and anime girls.
Yes, it's that simple.

A universe that will capture a decent chunk of your life

The fact that you got into an AAA project for $ 100 million becomes clear immediately after the first launch. Just look at the endless picturesque expanses that you will have to visit. The map is very large, and literally around every corner there will be an interesting side quest with its own background.
This game is literally created for mobile gamers. The management is as simple as possible: the interface, combat and movement are implemented at a qualitatively high level. Unlike Zelda, not only cut scenes are voiced here, but all dialogues in general.
The developers have made titanic efforts to work out this universe. Here you will meet not only a colossal number of notes, but also pay attention to the characters themselves, which are drawn in the best traditions of high-quality anime (I hate anime, but Genshin Impact is just a shock that even my skeptical eye caught).
Costumes and hairstyles just want to look at, so everything is cool done.
The plot of Genshin Impact begins with an acquaintance with Ether and Lumin, a brother and sister who can travel between worlds. While they were living quietly, an unknown goddess appeared, who takes one of the relatives, and locks the remaining one in the world of Teivat, leaving him without abilities.
In the new world, he finds a fairy-like creature called Paimon, a local guide to the game's universe. Together they reach Mondstatt, a city whose inhabitants worship the god of the winds. This is where our adventure starts.
I must say right away, the plot is not yet completed, it is divided into several chapters, some of which will be released later. And promotion on them is completely tied at the level of your account. To rock it, you need to open loot boxes and constantly grind. There is nowhere without it at all, this is the basis of Genshin Impact.
And although this is a real grindelka, I want to return to it. At least for the sake of the main plot. And side tasks for gaining experience to access the next chapter. You can't call them particularly diverse, only the background changes, and they themselves are built on "bring-give" or "go through the dungeon".
However, these tasks are interesting not only with history, but also with various puzzles. Often very simple, but generally working.

You won't get bored here for a minute

The creators of the game did their best. Literally around every corner there is one or another activity. And this pleases, given the impressive size of the map for a mobile project.
And although the whole continent is not available now, the first two locations are enough for you to spend at least a hundred hours on them.
To open the regions, you need to visit the statues of the Archons (local gods). These are kind of towers, like Ubisoft. They remove the fog on the map and open the points of rapid movement.
The only thing that personally ruins the atmosphere for me is the squad system. You control several characters at once, but they are all hidden in one person. Tap on the hero icon and choose who you want to play for. The game restarts with a new character. Why they can't run together and fight at the same time is a mystery to me.
Although no, it still pisses me off that you can't play with a gamepad. It is unclear why the developers decided to score on this. This is one of the few games in which it is needed more than ever.
But the mechanics of the game world are closely intertwined with each other. When you see the "wet" status in the first minutes, you will immediately understand that this also plays a role. The type of interaction with the object depends on the state of the object. And here everything works like in real life. Water extinguishes fire, ice melts from it and everything in this spirit.
In this universe, it is interesting to solve such riddles, the solutions of which are not always obvious. Plus, battles directly depend on this mechanics: enemies have a number of vulnerabilities and suffer from the elements you use, which each character is endowed with.
Plus, you can go through various dungeons and similar tasks in a cooperative with friends.
As in all MMOs, Impact has a deep pumping system that includes not only the put-on gear, but also weapons and skills. A lot depends on the types of attacks, too. For example, archers can make pinpoint fire, and magicians by area. Or swords that can simply deal cutting damage or even pierce shields.

What is the result: is it worth playing?

This is the first time I see a project of this level for mobile platforms. Yes, this is a pure igroservice in which you will have to constantly swing to complete the plot, but this does not distract from what is happening at all.
The balance is literally verified. There is no imba that you can't not get. Everything is achieved through hard work or donation. Here the choice is yours alone.
The world of the game is spelled out to the smallest detail, you want to come back to it again and again. It is interesting to follow what is happening, some points can even be influenced.
I advise everyone to try Genshin Impact. After all, it's free. But prepare at least 6 GB of memory on your device.
If you don't want to play on a smartphone or tablet, then there are versions for PC and Xbox with support for shared cloud saves and cross-platform. PlayStation 4 owners are upset, other platforms for cross-save are not supported.

What do you think?

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